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Merlyn Climate Grants awards some seven to ten grant fellowships of $500 to $3000 annually to emerging climate activists age 13 to 30 in New York and New England.

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Before Merlyn Climate Grants, there was Merlyn's Pen: The National Magazine of Student Writing. Established in 1985, the magazine mentored and published serious teen writers. Its reading audience reached 100,000, and its award-winning story anthologies were read and re-published in 12 countries, including in translation. 

Many working novelists today, among them Amity Gaige, Dara Horn, Curtis Sittenfeld, Alex Taylor, Theresa Meyers, and David Barr Kirtley, found early publication and support in Merlyn's Pen. The NEW LIBRARY OF YOUNG ADULT WRITING archives its most memorable works, many showcased with beautiful illustrations by premier artists, lesson plans, and compelling audio recordings.  For a quick introduction to the New Library's treasures, search for "Editor's Choice" selections or "Illustrated Works" or both.

Merlyn's Pen launched in 1985, founded by R. Jim Stahl and Mary Jane Sorrentino. They had important help from Stahl's fellow graduates in the MAT program at the University of Chicago; all had trained there under the mentorship of George Hillocks, Jr. Once underway, the magazine enjoyed editorial leadership from Christine Lord, Jo-Ann Langseth, Kathryn Kulpa, and Lee Teverow.  Leading the magazine's illustration team were Kathy Szarko and, later, Ken Vaudrain. Many of Mr. Vaudrain's magnificent pen-and-ink illustrations are found in a search for "Illustrated Works" in the New Library.

For more information, contact Grants@MerlynsPen.org, or call 401-751-3766. 

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