Post-Festival Workshop

The CLIMATE FEELING & ACTION WORKSHOP: Hand in hand with the Climate Future Film Festival. 

In a safe, nurturing, small-group environment, this half-day online experience allows for audience sharing and processing of the thoughts and feelings the Festival may illuminate or reveal. In discussion, whole-group and small-group activities, participants will find support and community knowing that many are experiencing similar climate concerns. And they''ll take heart in learning how others are coming to terms with climate anxiety and even taking action steps that give meaning and purpose in this difficult period. No preparation for the workshop is necessary. 

Cambridge, MA, clinical psychologist Dr. Maxine Alchek leads the creative, immersive workshop. It takes place online, via Zoom, one weekend day each month in 2024 and runs from 9 AM to 1 PM, with several short breaks and a break for lunch.

ENROLLMENT FEE:  $100   •  Seniors (over 65) $80  •  Enrolled Students $60


TO SIGN UP, please visit the home page of and click the yellow button DONATE. Use the optional NOTE section to provide your email address and to confirm your wish to attend the workshop. You''ll receive a confirmation by email the next day.

Feel free to text or call the Festival Director, at 1-401-751-3766 with any workshop questions or suggestions. Or email

We look forward to meeting you and to sharing at the Climate Feeling and Action Workshop!

**The fee is non-refundable but may be credited to a future workshop date if your cancellation is necessary.